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Seattle Patrols

Live View DS3 Camera - Without Mount - Monthly

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Mobile Trailer Mount
Permanent Pole

The D3 is LVT’s flagship product. It is a customizable security solution with three cameras on a single unit and can include thermal, optical, or even fisheye cameras. Like the Omni, the D3 Unit is completely mobile and does not require wires, internet, or electricity. Furthermore, it can also be mounted almost anywhere and connects to the LVT Platform. However, unlike the Omni, the D3 has the added benefit of active deterrence. In addition to the powerful cameras, it also includes strobe and flood lights as well as a two-way speaker.

The D3 Unit does everything an Omni Unit does with the addition of deterrence. We believe that overt methods should be part of every security solution. Instead of watching a recording of a person trespassing, with the D3 you can receive active alerts and know the instant that person sets foot on your property. Furthermore, when they cross onto your property, the unit can and will respond to the incursion depending on your preferences. If you want a floodlight to turn on, the strobe lights to flash, and a prerecorded message to play that warns the trespasser off the property, the D3 Unit can do that. Because the D3 Unit is so obvious, it is an active security solution that helps prevent incidents from happening in the first place.