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Seattle Patrols

Omni - Live View Wall Mounted Camera - Monthly

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Mobile Trailer
Permanent Pole
Wall Mount

The Omni is a powerful optical camera that integrates with the LVT Platform and app for live 24/7 monitoring and recorded footage. It gives you live surveillance without wires, internet, or electricity. This means it is completely mobile so you can adapt security to meet your needs. The Omni can be mounted on a trailer, a fixed pole, a tripod, or even on a wall or a side of a building. And if your needs change, it can be easily relocated. All Omni units connect automatically to the LVT Platform, our remote cloud VMS. This is where you can access live video, recordings, and control the camera all from your smartphone or desktop.

The Omni is similar to traditional security, with the added benefits of high mobility and the LVT Platform. It is a single pan, zoom, tilt camera that makes the unit a very reactive security solution. It purely records and streams live footage. So if an incident happens, you will have recordings of it on the LVT Platform for evidentiary purposes, but that’s it. You will have no power to deter threats with the added features of the D3. You will only have the tools to react to the situation after it happens.